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The New Hobby You Are Going To Want To Try in 2018

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Last year the craze that swept through the world was colouring books for adults. This year there is a new hobby that will take you one step further- Paint by number. This is another childhood activity that is experiencing a renaissance as an adult activity. Like colouring books for adults, paint by number kits for adults offer a relaxing activity that can help you unwind from the stresses of modern life.



How do you know if this activity is for you? Well if you tried colouring books and were among those who found that 12 colours were not enough then you may well be the kind of person who would find great satisfaction in paint by number. Another clue that this might be for you is if you ever finished a page in your colouring book and missed the days when your mum might stick your work on the fridge. Paint by number is also a fantastic way to exercise a little creativity without having mastered drawing techniques. If you have ever looked that a piece of artwork and thought that you would love to be able to create something like that then paint by number gives you that chance

Even if you never dove into colouring books paint by number may have a lot to offer you as a relaxation activity. The designs are often quite complex requiring many colours and many small sections to be painted. What this means is that you have to focus completely on the task at hand. Whether you are scanning the painting to see if there are any more ‘3’s’ or you are filling in a small intricately shaped section you can’t be thinking of anything else.

The benefits of this intense focus are manifold. When you concentrate so completely on something you simply cannot be worrying about all those little things that have been nagging at you all day. You can lose yourself in the activity and when you pause to take a break you may be amazed to realise how much time has passed and how much better you feel for having freed your mind for a little while. The liberating effects of creating a beautiful piece of art may lead to you making breakthroughs in other parts of your life. It’s amazing how much easier it is to solve a problem when you just stop thinking about it for a while.

There are numerous different styles of paint by number kits available. This means that you can select a piece of artwork that you would be proud to display in your home, and instead of simply purchasing a print you will instead have created the artwork that yourself. Having put the time and energy into it you will find that every time you look at your painting you get that flush of success and pride. We are after all designed to love things that we have made ourselves so what could be better than making your own beautiful work of art.

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