The graph below shows the number of minutes played and the points scored per game for several professional basketball players.Based on the line of best fit, approximately how many minutes would a person have played if they scored 30 points?A.45 minutesB.19 minutesC.17 minutesD.42 minutes

Accepted Solution

The correct answer is (A) 45 minutes.

This question is bit tricky because the graph is adjusted in such a way in the grid that it is bit hard to find the slope of it (although it is a straight line). Also we do not know where the line intersects the y-axis (for y-intercept of the equation y = mx + c). Hence we need to guess it. Let me explain how (in less time)!

As you can see in the graph that at 42 minutes, the value of "point scored" is BELOW 28 (right?). And the graph is increasing (as it is a straight line). Hence "30 points scored" MUST have the value greater than 42 minutes. So in options, the only value that is greater than 42 minutes is 45 minutes (Option A)