Given the two-way relative frequency table below, which of the following statements is correct?

Accepted Solution

Let's check each option

Option A
The percentage of people choosing winter as their favorite season is [tex] \frac{0.2}{1} [/tex] which equals to [tex] \frac{20}{100}=20[/tex]%

The percentage of the other seasons are
Autumn = 24%
Spring = 16%
Summer = 40%

Option A is incorrect

Option B
Out of the summer season, there are 24% female and 16% male

Option B is correct 

Option C
As explained for option A, the percentage of people who choose Autumn is 24% which isn't the smallest percentage.

Option C is incorrect

Option D
There's 14% males and 10% female who choose Autumn as their favorite season.

Option D is incorrect since there's more male than the female who choose Autumn.

Answer: Option B